$40 Queen Honeybee Local Pickup ONLY ($20 Deposit)
  • $40 Queen Honeybee Local Pickup ONLY ($20 Deposit)



    McComBees Apiaries queens are open mated. They are mainly daughter queens from Buckfast, Saskatraz, Cordovan, Corniolan, Martha Carpenter Mite Mauler, and IQBA (Indiana Queen Breeders Association) queens. They may be second, third or even fourth generation.  Rather than focusing on maintaining individual breed, I focus on selecting for traits that are important to Northeast Indiana beekeepers like overwinter survivablility and honey production. Queens are marked color correct for birth date year. 


    Balance of $20 is due at pickup.

    Pre-Order for 2021

      My queens are NOT banked. They are removed from a colony the day of pick up. Because of this if you and order but don't show, or call day of pick up and cancel, unfortunately you will lose your deposit.

      My queen rearing program is straight forward. I graft from the queens that survived the winter, made a large honey crop, didn't swarm and are easy to work. Genetics include Buckfast, Sascatraz, Martha Carpenter Mite Mauler, Indiana Queen Breeder Queens and Carniolan.

       Availibilty is limited.


      Once the queen(s) leave my care I cannot guarantee their acceptance into your hive, their performance, or their health. Due to many factors that influence queen health and introduction success, including unforeseen complications during transport or individual beekeeping practices, I do not guarantee my queens or provide refunds once the queens have left my care.


      Queen Bees are ONLY available for Pickup at 16832 Prine Road, Yoder, IN 46798. 

      Disregard the shipping option at checkout and choose "Arrange Pickup/Local Delivery" option.

      The balance of $20 is due upon recieving your Queen. Payment can be made online with Paypal or Credit Card.  On pickup you can pay with PayPal, Credit Card, Cash App or Cash.

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