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McComBees IQBA II Queen

McComBees Apiaries is a certified breeder of the IQBA Indiana Queen Breeders Association, a not-for-profit corporation organized to train beekeepers in queen rearing techniques and to facilitate greater value and production of genetically superior cold weather survivor stock, parasitic mite and virus resistant queens. Rather than focusing on maintaining individual breeds, the goal of the IQBA is to promote stock that has proven in the field to have traits that are important to Indiana beekeepers, such as:

Disease/virus/mite resistance

Gentleness and workability


Local adaptability

Some of the genes in the IQBA stock come from the HHBBC Heartland Honey Bee Breeders Cooperative, a not-for-profit that involves the cooperative sharing of information, techniques, and disease-resistant genetics between queen producers in the states of Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Illinois. This sharing takes place annually in early June at a queen insemination event hosted by the Purdue University Honey Bee Extension.

$5 from the purchase of every queen goes to the IQBA to help finance the Queen Breeder Program.


The genetics of McComBees Apiaries Nucs/Queens are from three sources:

IQBA Instrumentally Inseminated Breeder Queen

Grafted Stock from the IQBA Field Day

Grafted Stock from My Apiaries

All McComBees Apiaries queens for sale are open mated. 

Queens are marked with the correct color for their birth year and are sold in a JZBZ queen cage with candy. To order queen(s), please click the link below or contact me directly.


Please contact me directly if you want to buy a virgin queen(s) or a queen cell(s).