Why McComBees Apiaries 4 Frame Nucs Offer Superior Value

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Why would a four-frame nuc develop as fast or faster than a five frame nuc? A nuc modeling experiment by Randy Oliver, published on his Scientific Beekeeping website, demonstrates that the extra bees on the fifth frame do not contribute to a faster expansion of the colony. Once the maximum number of nurse bees for a given amount of brood is reached, additional frames of bees do not speed up the expansion. In other words, why pay for a frame of bees you don't need? Buying a four-frame nuc from McComBees Apiaries means you can pocket the extra cost of a frame of bees.

Often, some of the frames in a five-frame nuc are brood comb frames that are several years old and need to be replaced as soon as possible. Old brood comb can be contaminated by years of accumulated pesticide buildup, eventually affecting brood development. Replacing the brood comb after five years is highly recommended. But why should you be stuck paying for another beekeeper's old brood frames? My nucs are made of frames and foundations that are less than two years old, so there is no need to replace them any time soon.

Some nuc sellers assemble their nucs in short order. Meaning, they put the frames of bees together from different colonies and add a queen just prior to selling to allow for a quick sale. The mixing of different bees often results in an age imbalance. This imbalance can drastically slow down the development of the colony, many times resulting in the colony rejecting the queen and making a new one. My nucs are started from a queen cell introduced into an established, just-made queenless colony. The development of the colony with a queen the bees have accepted since inception means that when you purchase my nuc, the colony has achieved the right age ratio of bees and is expanding rapidly.

Keeping bees is not easy. Which beekeeper's selling bees gives you the best chance to succeed? Does buying overpriced packages or nucs from a seller who purchases those bees from a southern climate for the purpose of covering their own losses? Or does buying local overwintered nucs raised from start to finish by a certified IQBA breeder at a fair price? The choice is obvious: buy local bees from a beekeeper you can trust. Buy McComBees Apiaries 4 Frame Nuc Colonies to give yourself the best chance for success.​

Understanding where your bees come from and how they are raised can pay huge dividends toward your success as a beekeeper. Mass produced nucs and packages are often bred from stock that prioritizes brood production. The more brooding, the more splits. The more splits, the more sales. When you purchase bees from McComBees Apiaries, you are getting proven Indiana genetics from beekeepers who want the same colony characteristics that you do. 

For more information about McComBees Apiaries nucs and to purchase a 4 Frame Overwintered Nuc or 4 Frame Spring/Summer Nuc, click the link below and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.