Nuc Colonies 

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McComBees 4 Frame Nuc Colony

Nucleus Colonies

I offer for sale two types of 4 frame Northeast Indiana Nucleus Colonies. Both are started from bees and an IQBA (Indiana Queen Breeders Association) queen cell from my apiaries.

4 Frame Overwintered Nucleus Colony

This option is started with a queen cell from a cell builder colony within my apiary. For the next few months this Nuc will grow into a colony capable of overwintering. By surviving the long, wet, windy, and cold Northeast Indiana winter as a colony they will be ready to quickly expand into honey producing colonies primed for early success.

There is a fixed number of these available so please consider preordering now. These Nucs are usually available for pickup by the second week of April.

4 Frame Nucleus Colony

This option is started with a queen cell from a cell builder colony within my apiary or from a graft from the original colony.  After the queen has been mated and has matured for at least 21 days or started her second brood cycle is the colony ready for sale.

Please reserve you Nuc online to secure your order. These Nucs are usually available by the fourth week of May until mid October.