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$165 - 4 Frame Nucleus Colony

High quality nucs at a great price

This option begins with a queen cell from my apiaries cell builder colony or a graft from the initial colony. The colony is available for sale once the queen has been mated and has matured for at least 21 days or begun her second brood cycle.

A 4 Frame Spring/Summer Nuc consists of:

2-1/2 Frames of Brood in Various Stages

Three/Four frames of Bees

Marked IQBA Queen

Just prior to purchase the colony is transported to a reusable five-frame corrugated plastic box. In 4-6 weeks, this option typically expands to fill two deep brood boxes. From the fourth week of May to the middle of October, these nucs are usually available.

To get detailed information regarding availability and other crucial information, click on the image above.

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