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IQBA Queen Cell

Purchase Indiana bred & adapted queen cells

Queen cells are cells in the hive that contain developing queen bees. If you have a hive that needs a new queen, you can purchase queen cells and place them in the hive. The bees will then raise a new queen from the queen cell. Queen cells are a great way to re-queen a colony, especially in the early spring when mated queens are not redily available. 


Queen cells can be placed between the top of the frames. Usually the queen cells will hatch in 24 hours of pickup.

Orders of 5 or more queen cells need to be ordered 10 days in advance. Please call to confirm order.


Queen cells need to be installed imediately after purchase. 

I suggest bringing a small cooler with a warm water bottle and sawdust to keep the queen cells warm and secure until introduction into the hive. 

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