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My Story

Passionate about Beekeeping

When a colleague of my wife's offered his bees to me on short notice, my curiosity in having honeybees at my home became a reality. He was relocating and would be unable to keep them at his new address. Before I had a chance to consider the impact of my action, I was loading a colony of bees onto a trailer to transport them to my house. What began with a single bee colony and numerous hours spent reading books and watching YouTube videos quickly grew into a small business with multiple apiary locations producing an abundance of honey and bees.

As an Indiana Grown member and Indiana Queen Breeder Association breeder, I am committed to the challenge of producing local honey and bees. It often creates more work and requires some hard decision-making, but I know the reward for maintaining healthy and thriving bees will be great local products that I can be proud to sell.

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