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$190 - 4 Frame Overwintered Nucleus Colony

Get a head start with a locally overwintered nuc

This option begins with a queen cell from my apiary's cell builder colony.  Only after surviving the long, wet, cold Northeast Indiana winter is the 4 Frame Nuc ready for purchase.

A 4 Frame Overwintered Nuc consists of:

Three Frames of Brood in Various Stages

Four frames of Bees

Marked IQBA Queen

Just prior to purchase, the colony will be transferred into a reusable five-frame corrugated plastic box. This option typically expands to fill two deep brood boxes in 4-5 weeks. Before the June honey flow, splitting may be necessary. By the second week of April, these nucs are usually ready to pick up.

Pre-ordering your 4 Frame Overwintered Nuc is highly recommended. These are only available in a limited quantity. To get detailed information regarding availability and other crucial information, click on the image above. 

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