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$165 - 4 Frame Nucleus Colony ($65 Deposit)

$165 - 4 Frame Nucleus Colony ($65 Deposit)


Start your beekeeping journey on the right foot with McComBees Apiaries Nucs. Grafted with a proven queen and bees from our apiaries, these nucs are nurtured and held until they have "grown" into all four frames or until the second egg-laying cycle, ensuring a strong and healthy queen. When you purchase a "grown" nuc, you can trust that you are getting a true family of bees and a reflection of the quality of their queen.

At pickup, a $100 balance is due. Store Pickup Only.

Expected to be ready by the middle of July. Call or text 260-638-4943 if you would like to be added to the list.

    Late May/Early June Nucs are daughter queens from overwintered Nucs and proven production colonies. These are the first available nucs started from a spring queen cell.

    Your Nuc will have 4 drawn frames containing mostly brood and some honey, and pollen. The queen will be found, verified and marked during transfer into corrugated plastic EZ Nuc box. I can also transfer direct into your equipment upon request. 

    Nucs are transfered the morning of the pickup day to assure you get the necessary field bees, confirm a marked queen and to limit the stress on the colony.


    Once the Nuc(s) leave my care I cannot guarantee performance or health. Due to many factors that influence colony health including unforeseen complications during transportation or individual beekeeping practices, I do not guarantee my Nucs(s) or provide refunds once the Nucs(s) have left my care. Nucs cannot be exchanged. If I am not able to fullfil your order I will reimburse your deposit.


    Nucleus Colonies are ONLY available for pickup at 16832 Prine Road, Yoder, IN 46798.

    Colonies are transfered to their corrugated plastic transport box the afternoon before or morning of pickup.Colonies are transfered to their Nuc box the afternoon before or morning of pickup.

    Please choose the "Store Pickup" option at checkout.

    The balance of $100 is due upon recieving your Nuc.  Payment can be made with Cash, Paypal or Credit Card.

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