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1 LB Creamed Honey

1 LB Creamed Honey


Introducing McComBees Apiaries Creamed Honey, a spreadable honey with a fine, frosting-like texture that is perfect for spreading on muffins, bagels, and toast. Unlike liquid honey, our creamed honey spreads easily at room temperature and doesn't drip, making it a convenient and delicious choice for all your sweetening needs. This creamed honey is made by controlling the crystallization process to achieve its unique texture, and has recently been awarded Best of Show at the Beekeepers of Indiana and the Indiana State Fair, as well as 2nd place in the Creamed Honey Category at the American Honey Show and the Heartland Apiculture Society. Try it today and taste the difference!


    McComBees Creamed Honey honey is 100% pure and has not been adulterated in any way. This product is unprocessed to allow the beneficial antioxidants, enzymes, and nutrients to remain intact.

    Creamed honey may be kept at room temperature for a soft and easy spread.


    If your product is defective or damaged please contact me immediately at I will offer a full refund and may collect the product from you for quality control purposes.

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