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Local | Natural | Sustainable

Your source for locally produced natural hive products and Northeast Indiana bred-bees.

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My Approach

My objective is to provide local, natural, and sustainable honey products while also raising bees in an ethical manner. To that end, I only sell honey, nucs, and queens that are produced in my Northeast Indiana apiaries.

I accomplish high productivity with fewer colonies by prioritizing quality over quantity. I spend a lot of time out in the field, monitoring progress, managing growth, and addressing potential issues. Hands-on experience and a Purdue University agriculture degree let me put the most effective management methods into practice to keep my bees healthy and thriving.

My goal is to provide excellent customer service. To make your transaction with McComBees Apiaries as simple and convenient as possible, I offer several payment and delivery options. I enjoy meeting and conversing with customers, and I welcome your questions about beekeeping or my products. Beekeeping is my passion, and I appreciate your support.

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